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PostSubject: Behavior!!!   Thu May 21, 2009 7:18 pm

This was originally posted by renn

I feel the need to post this, as i was a little upset about the behaviour of a fair few pple in last nights first JB 25 man Naxx. Bickering, caps being used, pple deciding on tactics, tanks deciding who tanks what, complete disrespect for leadership from a few. I would just like to point out that this will NOT be tolerated again.
The raid went fairly well, however, myself and soup were completely disapointed by the childishness and disrespect going on.
When in a raid, plz be polite, helpfull and NOT a hindrence ie. constantly spamming tactics. Do not use caps. When the RL tells you who is tanking what, then that is what happens, you do not make your own targets up as tank, unless u are RL.
Just to clear up for those that do not know what to do when an epic item randomly drops and it happens we do not have the right loot on, there is a simple rule, PASS. Thats all you need to remeber. I belive this problem is being sorted and i would appreciate some feedback on what has happened with the tickets that have been sent. And just to let pple know, now i have posted this, if that does happen again, the person will be removed from raid.
It seems to me there are a fair few that do not understand raid etiquette, and are inexperienced in it. Here i am not talking about rolls and drops, its the general attitude throughout the raid. I would say half the raid last night were how i would eexpect members to behave, but the other half no..constantly spamming who needs an invite, whos tanking what, asking when raids starting etc etc. It is absolutely unnecessary, the raid is in the hands of the RL and noone else. I would describe it as highly irritating to be perfectly honest. In future raids these pple will be removed from the raid, this is not how Jelly Babies behave.
As you all know there are only 3 of us at the moment who can run the raids; myself, soup and opeth. We are looking for Raid Leaders that are trustworthy to follow the JB raiding rules and have the right attitude. If you think you are capable of this plz let myself or soup know, we need RL that can put a run up once a week, and be reliable to commit to it.

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