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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Thu May 21, 2009 7:16 pm

This was previously posted by renn

General :

All jellies are expected to be polite, friendly and helpfull where and whenever possible to all players, not only other guild members (including those irritating PUG's we all find ourselves in now and then! ).
The guild is designed to be fitting with all kinds, young and old. We all have commitments outside of WoW and we will be apprciative of this. We are not a hardcore raiding guild and never will be, however we all want to progress and im sure we will.
Plz remeber we are here to have fun above all else and if you have any concerns at all, dont hesitate to speak to me about it.

Guild Bank :

The guild bank is there to help, if u need anything from the bank wisper myself or soup ingame, if neither of us is about send a mail to me and i will deal with it when i log.
The bank works on a 'swapsies' system. You are required to replace anything you request with an item of similar worth or value. ie, if you request a blue sword, replace it with a dream shard, gold or another blue BoE item.
New members to guild, (oo r u?) are not entitled to anything untill promotion.

Raid Rules :

All raids for now will be posted on calender ingame. If you sighn to a raid plz make sure;
* You can attend the ENTIRE run. Raid end time is 23.30 server.
* You have all equiptment needed for your spec, including armour for your duel spec id you have it, pots and are freshly repaired.

If you sighn to a raid and do not show, with no explination to the raid leader, you will not necissarily get a slot on the next raid you sighn to.
If you sighn to a raid and do not get a slot due to the amount of sighnups, you will be given a slot on the next raid you sighn to (this generaly applies to 10 man).
Loot in raids is determined by roll, main spec first. If you are duel, you will roll main on the spec you are currently in for the raid. Rolls then go to offspec, and unwanted loot then gets sharded and shards deposited in the guild bank. Any random epics that drop will be rolled for on the same basis.
Guild rank privilages will follow soon now we are heading towards 25 man raids, as it stands all ranks can roll on loot for now.
Raid leaders need to follow these rules strictly, and no exeption.

Well thats it in simple form, hope i havent missed anything....i probs have tho!

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Guild Rules
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